What people say about us
116 N. Bradford Ave., Placentia, CA 92870  (714) 993-5550
Armando C (Yelp)

Antonette F (Yelp)

Dave Barton (Yahoo! Local)
"Best pizza in SoCal! I came here all the way from Riverside to enjoy this. There is just so much cheese and all ingredients are fresh and delicious! The dough is baked to perfection and there is beer so that makes it so much better. Definitely don't mind taking the drive to come here!"

"Been going to this place for years. The Big Mama is as big as a round dining room table. 48 slices of slathered cheese and spicy pepperoni. Big Mama is what they are known for but they also have great salads and their lasagna is pretty tasty. Call in and it will be ready in 25 min. Unfortunately they don't deliver but it's all good."

"The biggest pizza I've ever seen! This restaurant is a small, Mom & Pop type, hole in the wall place, but they have giant sized good tasting pizza. You could feed an army with these things! I have used them on several occasions for employee luncheons, where I bought five pizzas for about 50 people and still had a lot of leftovers, which were consumed later in the day during their break. The owners work there and are always very helpful in having the pizzas ready for me at an early hour."